Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Beginning

20 minutes is too little! I overshot by a few minutes methinks! I think I'll attempt to persuade Mr A to give us a few more minutes...

So yeah, thats basically it - we're going to have to take 20 minutes (max) a day to draw something, anything and post it in our newly created blog. And yeah; no sex, no politics... and there was another rule I think, which was to use blogger or wordpress - I didn't quite pay attention after the "no sex and politics" bit.

You know, as I'm writing this, theres something I really don't remember: what's this experiment gonna prove?

Click here to see MR A's site :D


  1. Changed it slightly hueahuaehuae

  2. coucou,
    super ton blog, j'adore.
    viens voir le mien, et dis moi ce que tu en penses ?
    bisous XOxo

  3. you better make loads of comics!!!